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Miracote provides Scientifically SuperiorTM decorative, restoration, repair and waterproofing product. Our Performance proven paints and coatings are ideal for plywood and concrete protection and restoration. Look for Miracote products at high quality construction products distributors worldwide.

Since 1938, Crossfield Products Corp., headquartered in Los Angeles, California has manufactured polymer systems ideal for new construction and renovation projects. A strong emphasis is placed on research and development with the most experienced staff of chemists in our market segment. An equal emphasis is placed on service with an experienced sales, technical and customer service staff designed to provide assistance to building material distributors and their contractors..

New Miracote Products

MiraPrime Aqua-Blok XL - a clear, single component, odorless, water-based, penetrating colloidal silicate liquid primer that integrally waterproofs concrete, mortar and other cementitious structures.  Click Here to learn more!

MiraPatch WP - a single component, fast setting, Portland cement-based, hydraulic repair mortar and water plug for stopping mild seepage and active leaks under pressure through cracks and holes in concrete and masonry.  Click Here to learn more!

Miracote MPC and MiraGard Drylook Sealer at The World Trade Center Memorial Fountains

To see more about the World Trade Center project please Click Here!

Miracote Product Line now has Product Technology Groupings!  Please Click Here to learn more!  The Product Technology Groupings (PTG's) can be seen below.

Miracote Products

ColorPaxIntegral Pigment Packs
MiracoteCementitious Renewal Systems and Protective Coatings
MiraFlexVapor Permeable Membranes and Waterproofing
MiraFlorResinous Products and Flooring Systems
MiraGardVapor Permeable Coatings and Sealers
MiraPatchConcrete Repair Mortars and Underlayments
MiraPrimeSpecialty Primers
MiraStampStampable Overlay Products
MiraThanePolyurethane Coatings and Membranes

Attend a Miracote Certified Hands-On Training Seminar
Miracote training seminars provide complete installation guidelines and procedures for each of the Miracote systems. Miracote Training Seminars get attendees actively involved with hands on experience in creating actual finished floors. Contractors have stated that Miracote training seminars are like no other in the industry and they really give them a chance to see the advantages the Miracote product line has to offer.  Click Here for the Miracote Training page.

Miracote - Cementitious Renewal Systems and Protective Coatings

Miracote Protective Coating, the cornerstone of the Miracote Division, was developed and introduced over 40 years ago for the resurfacing and protection of existing concrete surfaces. In the 1980’s Crossfield Products Corp. acquired that product and trademark from Miraco Inc., and today, simply known as MPC, it remains as a keystone to the success of the Miracote Division.  The Miracote product group consists of that same scientifically superior core technology along with related accessory products that are often used in conjunction with many concrete resurfacing and protection applications. “Don’t Replace It….Miracote It”!


MiraGard- Vapor Permeable Coatings and Sealers

A crucial requirement for the application of protective coatings and sealers to exterior, on grade concrete substrates is to ensure that the applied coating or sealer allows for the passage of moisture vapor. The use of vapor permeable, or “breathable” coatings and sealers on concrete exposed to exterior conditions will help prevent the potential for moisture entrapment or accumulation beneath the coating. In due time any entrapped moisture can lead to failure of the coating or even threaten the integrity of the concrete substrate. With both film-forming and penetrating product formulations, MiraGard provides a broad range of “breathable” superior coating and sealer technologies to ensure lasting performance for either exterior or interior installations.


MiraFlor - Resinous Products and Flooring Systems

Since the development and introduction of resinous flooring in the 1950’s, synthetic resin floors offer building owners many significant advantages that have lead to wide spread global use and popularity. Resinous flooring systems exhibit tenacious bond, excellent resistance to a wide spectrum of chemicals, impermeability to liquids, resistance to impact and abrasion, and can be installed rapidly with minimal down time. Whether applied by broadcast, trowel-down or high build methods, our MiraFlor product technology group offers a wide range of clear and pigmented epoxy, polyaspartic and polyurea resinous flooring products and systems.


MiraPatch - Prepackaged Concrete Repair Mortars and Underlayments

The underlying success of any concrete waterproofing and protection application or decorative resurfacing plan is predicated not only on proper surface preparation, but also, the importance of first restoring the integrity of the concrete surface itself. The treatment and repair of existing concrete surface damage will provide the ideal underlayment or “canvas” to ensure the best possible outcome of the finished project whether it involves a commercial office floor or the upper level of a parking deck. Whether horizontal, vertical or overhead; single or dual component; for use over concrete or wood; our diverse family of MiraPatch concrete repair mortars and underlayments offers the right product choice for any application.


MiraPrime - Specialty Primers for any Application

The application of a specialty primer to any given substrate is frequently overlooked or not even considered prior to the installation of protective coatings, waterproofing materials and flooring systems. To name just a few key benefits, primers can be used to promote adhesion, mitigate moisture vapor emissions, and seal the substrate in order to minimize, if not eliminate, the potential for blistering, pinholing and other maladies during material application. Although not always necessary to prime, the decision to not apply a primer can often lead to regrettable consequences. Our MiraPrime product group offers superior technology for use in priming a broad range a various substrates.


MiraStamp - Stampable Overlay Products and Accessories

The soaring popularity of decorative stamped concrete dates back to the late 1970’s, and the development of new technological innovations in tools and materials were soon to follow. Recognized as the leader in the manufacture of concrete resurfacing products and in response to customer demands, Miracote developed and introduced a restoration overlay for existing concrete that could be stamped with extensive textures, patterns and finishing techniques. Today the MiraStamp product technology group is the preferred stampable overlay system of choice for many of the top decorative concrete contractors and educators in the nation.


ColorPax - Prepackaged Integral Pigment Packs

Traditionally, decorative concrete resurfacing and overlay materials, protective coatings and finish coats are made available in an extensive array of colors from which to choose from. For our independent distribution partners this can cause quite a quandary as to what colors to have inventoried. Our ColorPax pigment technology provides a solution to that with the availability of individual integral pigment packs that are added to neutral base materials designed to match published Miracote color charts.